Tutorial Overview

A learn-as-you-go guide on writing browser automation tests in basil.

We’ll start out by covering some terminology so that we’re all clear about browser automation testing concepts.

You will then create a test and will see how through a series of test steps we can get the browser into an expected state and then verify that the browser state is as expected.

We will show you how the operations a user can perform within a browser are translated into a sequence of actions within a test and how the verification of browser state is carried out through a set of assertions.

You will learn how to define commonly-repeated test steps outside of a test and how to import a step into many tests.

Repeated references to page elements will get sorted out when we see how page models can define page properties and how to refer to these within your tests.

We will see how through the use of parameterised tests we can create tests with ‘blanks’ and replace those blanks later with specific values.

Test suites will be used to group tests in whatever manner best fits your needs.

We will finish by learning how to use data providers to separate what is being tested from the data with which it is being tested and how to use environment variables to keep secrets secret.