Syntax NotationΒΆ

Syntax definitions follow a specific notation taking the following general form.




The definition-block section defines the syntax. The description-block section describes the purpose of non-literal values, giving either a type, range for values or expanded definition.

A solid line of hyphens separates the definition from the description. It is neither part of the definition nor description.

{this-variable}|{that-variable} {later-defined} [{optional}] literal


    <type>, the type for the variable value (<string>, <integer>, <url>).

    A variable value to be defined later, most commonly if composed of multiple parts where
    each part requires its own definition or description.

    <type>, optional values are encapsulated in [square brackets].

| (pipe character):
    OR. Separates choices from which one choice is allowed.

Any characters within the definition not encapsulated in curly or square brackets and which are not the pipe character are literal. Literal characters do not denote any special purpose and to be present as-is.